Haiti Earthquake Domain Names

haiti.jpgInternet users have been warned to take care donating towards the latest natural disaster, in Haiti.

The FBI has warned those wishing to donate money, to those affected by the misfortunate natural disaster, to not respond to unsolicited incoming emails and to be wary of those who represent themselves as a victim through emails or social networking sites.

It is important that you are aware when opening files of images from the Haiti disaster that they could contain viruses.

Associated Press has reported that “more than 400 Internet addresses related to Haiti have been registered since Monday’s devastating quake’.

The domain names haitiearthquake.com, earthquakehaiti.com, aidhaiti.com, haitihelp.com and haitivictims.com were all registered on the day, and day after, the earthquake.

At this point in time the website haitiearthquake.com redirects to: google.com/relief/haitiearthquake/.

Although some of the donation sites are legitimate, do be caution as some may not be.

Domain names are registered at record speed not only for natural disasters but for other media and celebrity dramas.

Image from http://www.realholidayreports.com