Buy/Sell Marquee Domains With Above’s Brokerage Service

At Above we strive to create a better overall experience for everyone involved in the domain transaction process while getting deals done.

Our brokers know the importance of building relationships and exercising strong communication so you are never left in the dark with questions on the status of your domains. With $millions in transactions completed, we have the experience needed to get deals done.

Just last month, we closed on a deal for at $215,888. The seller was thrilled to receive what the domain was worth to them and the buyer could not wait to start developing their new piece of digital real estate.

For sellers: When working with an Above broker, we can exclusively broker that name from start to finish or just handle incoming offers. Outbound brokerage is for exclusive marquee domains and includes identifying prospects, making outbound sales pitches, and ultimately converting prospects to buyers. Our brokers will get exclusive marquee domains in front of decision-makers and overcome price sensitivity to close deals. Inbound brokerage includes responding to incoming offers by negotiating with buyers and communicating with the seller.

No confusing commission structures for either service! Above charges a 15% commission on all deals with no required minimum fees and free escrow.

Each domain will be assigned a URL that displays a custom for sale page similar to the page pictured above.


“At Above, we are excited for the opportunity to pitch your domain to a list of new potential buyers.

For exclusively brokered marquee domains, we do the research and make outbound calls required to find end users.

We have the sales experience needed to paint that picture and spark interest in prospects and our track record supports that.”

– Simon Saleem Domain Broker


For buyers: Above has highly brandable and easy to remember domains like the ones below available in all verticals. We also have the connections to find and acquire great domains while protecting our buyer’s privacy. You can rest assured we will get your offer in front of the domain owner and keep you updated throughout the buying process.        Make Offer        Make Offer        Make Offer


Email us a list or file of the domains you want our team to broker along with pricing if available. They will set up your brokerage account and send next steps.