AutoPilot Reports: Desktop vs Mobile Traffic Source Breakdown

Have you ever wondered how much of a domain’s traffic is from desktop versus mobile users? And wouldn’t it be helpful to see trends over time on desktop versus mobile traffic?

Well, one of many free features included with’s Optimizer is the ability to create customized reports. A wide range of reports are available, and each provide different insights into how your domains and portfolio are performing. Many clients find the traffic source report to be especially useful.

Setting up a report to view this information takes just a few clicks! From your Dashboard, select “AutoPilot” in the left-hand navigation bar. Next, click “Reports.” From the reports page, click “Show Traffic Source” after filling out the period of time, folder, and group drop-down boxes above. See screenshot below for a visual example.

Once the report is generated, sort the new “Traffic Source” column to see which domains are getting the highest percentage of traffic from desktop versus mobile users.

Contact us with any questions on generating a similar report, or to learn about other reports available at!