AutoPilot Maximizer Channel Offers Revenue Advantages

Premium advertisers are willing to pay more for domain traffic from’s Maximizer advertiser channel because it is sold exclusively through company-owned Trellian Direct Search Network, which is known for quality, relevancy, and performance.

As a result, Trellian always has a strong advertiser demand for more quality global traffic across all verticals.

Domain investors using AutoPilot’s Maximizer gain exclusive access to these premium advertisers who bid on traffic in real-time.

This provides domain investors with immediate monetization on their traffic in the short-term, but also benefits the domain’s long-term value.

While Above is eager to make domain investors more money, protecting the value of the domain is their top priority.

Trellian enforces strict advertiser guidelines. In addition to the initial screen they continue to monitor activity to protect the asset value of each domain, which is always a top priority.

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Demand is especially strong right now for personal loans, credit repair, travel, and fitness among other categories.