Powerful Domain Portfolio Management Tool Included in Above Registrar

Even seasoned domain investors can have difficulty keeping track of all of their domain names. In fact, a recent DomainState survey shows that 92% of 263 respondents felt that this was one of the most difficult tasks for them to … Read More


Maximizer Payouts have Increased on Parking Manager

Maximizer Payouts have Increased on Parking Manager! The point of being a domain investor is making money, and our Maximizer feature was designed to help you do just that. The Maximizer is our exclusive monetization program that offers your domain … Read More


Radix Registry Chooses Above Marketplace for Auction of Select Reserve Domains


radix-registry-logo-280The Above Marketplace has been chosen by RADIX REGISTRY to exclusively auction a premium selection of their “held-in-reserve” domain names using the TLD extensions .WEBSITE, .PRESS, and .HOST. This 30-day auction begins on January 12, 2015. These domains are the crème de la crème within these TLDs.  Follow this auction online starting January 12, 2015 at http://www.above.com/marketplace/auctions.html

Please direct any questions to sales@above.com.