Are You Renewing Domains with Negative ROI?

Are you renewing domains with revenues that do not cover renewal costs? If you cannot immediately and confidently answer that question, Above’s Consolidator Tool could be saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars with just a few clicks by revealing which domains are eating away at your bottom line.

Consolidator pulls traffic and revenue stats into your Above dashboard, enabling you to quickly see which expiring domains are generating a positive return on investment. This tool is the first of its kind with the ability to access and display data from ALL your registrars into one convenient dashboard.

After logging in at, navigate to the Portfolio Manager section of the website and click the “Consolidate” tab.

  • To get started, first choose whether you want to see domains expiring within 30, 90, or 120 days.

  • This will open the “Renewal Decision Data” tab and display a data table containing domains expiring within 30 days.

  • Next, sort by the desired field in order to help decide which domains to renew. Sortable data fields include Cost, Revenue, ROI, Traffic, RPM, Clicks, and EPC.

  • In order to see data in the ROI field, click the “Edit Registration Costs” link and enter average renewal cost for each TLD in your portfolio.

After entering your average renewal costs by TLD, sort by the ROI field to see which domains are not generating enough revenue to pay for their renewal cost and determine whether or not they are still worth holding on to!
Did you know we offer bulk pricing on domain transfers and renewals? Contact us to see if you qualify.