AboveScanTM Protects Against Redirection to Malicious Sites

Our AboveScanTM technology demonstrates just how serious we are about protecting your domain assets. It detects and minimizes the damage caused by malicious advertisers. Here is how it works:
  • On a daily basis, AboveScanTM systematically scans domains on our name servers against Google’s Safe Browsing List.
  • For domains blacklisted by Google because of malware, AboveScanTM attempts to determine how each domain got blacklisted.
  • To prevent further damage when one of your parking services is involved, we immediately redirect your traffic to alternative monetization channels.
  • Not only do we send you details of the incident, but we also send details to your parking service so that they can quickly take action with their advertiser sources.

As an industry, we must work together to fight the growing problem with traffic being redirected to malicious sites. Our AboveScanTM technology is a start, and we look forward to working together with the domain industry and the parking services to continue the fight.

Email expert-help@above.com for details on how AboveScanTM protects your domain assets.