7 Free Tools For Efficient Domaining

Domain State is one of the oldest domain industry forums around and is still used daily by domainers to search for and share information.

Many domain investors think of Domain State as just a forum, but did you know it also has a wide range of free tools available?

Since being purchased in 2010 by Trellian (Above’s parent-company), Domain State has transformed into a trusted source for domain industry tools, stats, and news.

Domain State also includes the domain industry’s most comprehensive directory that was designed to help domainers find reputable sources for everything from escrow and legal help to appraisals and trade shows/conferences.

Here are 7 of our favorite free tools from DomainState:

  • Domain Name Generator: Using up to five keywords, the Domain Name Generator tool uses different combinations to suggest domain name ideas. It also checks search counts for keyword popularity and domain availability. This free tool is perfect for finding new domains to register with Above.com Registrar’s every-day low prices!
  • Typo Lookup: This free tool generates typo ideas for domain names. It can also be used to find new keywords for your SEO/search marketing campaign. This tool is another that is best used with Above.com’s Registrar for savings on over 80 different extensions.
  • Acronym Lookup: Find out what any acronym, abbreviation, or initialism stands for. Perfect if you need ideas to market what your LLL or LLLL domain names could stand for.
  • Email Blacklist Checker: The email blacklist tool will check a mail server IP address or hostname against 20 top DNS based email blacklists
  • IDN Converter: Transfer internationalized domain names between the encoded (Punycode) notation and the decoded (UTF-8) notation. Entering a Unicode will provide the Punycode. Conversely, entering a Punycode will provide the corresponding Unicode.
  • IP Lookups: Find detailed location information for an IP address. Also has a Registry IP lookup.
  • Link Popularity Checker: Check your domain’s link popularity across major search engines. Link popularity refers to the number of backlinks that point to a given website.
  • Whois Search: Find detailed Whois information for domains that are not using privacy.

Above.com also provides a variety of highly effective and practical free tools built for domain investors. Whether you are buying, selling, or monetizing, Above helps maximize your revenues, cut costs and save time!

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