5 Hot Domain Categories to Target in June

Many domain investors are familiar with the importance of taking action in favorable conditions. This is because receiving top dollar for a domain name relies partially on timing.

To help Above users who are buying and selling domains, we have pulled together a list of popular category trends that we have seen across the domain industry as a whole as well as on our own platform.

A portion of what we took into account were trends we see between Above.com’s marketplace, brokerage service, and ICANN-accredited registrar:

  1. Sports Betting / Gambling – With the recent changes in US sports betting laws, this is easily the hottest niche for registrations and sales. In fact, keywords in this niche took 6 of the top 10 spots in Verisign’s Top 10 Trending Keyword list for .COM domains last month.
  2. Crypto – Domains in the crypto space have been hot for months now and are still going strong.
  3. Travel – Summer is here, which means it’s the perfect time of year to register and sell travel domains.
  4. Marijuana – Similar to sports betting, frequent changes in US state-to-state laws have kept domains in this niche highly relevant. In fact, it was the only non-crypto keyword to round out 2017’s Q4 Top-10 list for .COM domains.
  5. Shopping/eCommerce – This last niche should be no surprise. Shopping and eCommerce domains are popular and can sell or generate traffic year-round.

If you need help selling your domains, email our domain brokerage team. They can negotiate on your behalf and settle on a price you will be happy with.

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