Above Portfolio Manager
The complete domain portfolio management solution
Extracts domain renewal data from all your registrars
Finds highest paying channel for each domain visitor
Bulk rates with Free privacy and bulk management tools
Buying & Selling
Marketplace & brokerage $millions in transactions completed
Domainer Need
Make More From
Each Domain
Our Solution
Delivers Max RPMs By Making
Parking Companies and Premium
Advertisers Compete In Real-time
For Every Domain Visitor
Domainer Need
Making ROI-Based
Renewal Decisions
Our Solution
Renewal ROI Tool
Pulls AutoPilot Stats Into Your
Above.com Registrar Account To
Make ROI-based Renewal Decisions
Faster and Easier

Monetization AutoPilot
How High Can Your Direct Navigation Traffic RPMs Be Driven?
Make Parking Companies
Compete For Your Traffic

Drives RPMs Above What You Get Today
AutoPilot helps you operate at a level above parking services by making them compete in real-time for each and every one of your domain visitors. It's free!
Direct Advertisers
Compete For Same Traffic

Takes RPMs To Impressive New Levels
Our premium advertisers love direct navigation traffic. As a result, they are anxious to outbid parking companies in order to get as much traffic as they can.
No More Frustration
Hunting For Higher RPMs

Let AutoPilot Do All The Work
No more changing name servers from parking company to parking company trying to find higher RPMs. And no more endless analysis of stats.
Consolidated Stats and
Custom Reports

Make Fast and Insightful Decisions
Not yet ready to point to AutoPilot's name servers? You can still take advantage of AutoPilot's ability to consolidate stats from all your parking company accounts.
Recent AutoPilot Case Study

An elite domain investor recently pointed 3,000 domains to AutoPilot's name servers.

Before the move, he provided the list of domains to our expert support team for manual keyword seeding.

Our premium advertisers love high converting, keyword seeded, direct navigation traffic. As a result, they place high bids in order to ensure that AutoPilot's Maximizer system sends the traffic to them instead of to the highest paying parking company.

This elite domainer was very pleased to see impressive results in the 1st month. And even more please to see that the 2nd month results were even better!

How high can AutoPilot and its Maximizer drive your RPMs?

Start Getting Higher RPMs Today

  • 25%
  • 71%
  • 105%
  • 188%

Domain Brokerage - We Know How To Get Deals Done
Tens of Millions of Dollars in Transactions Closed
Advantages for Domain Sellers
We know how to convert prospects into buyers
Brokers you can trust to negotiate win-win deals
Convenient dashboard for tracking and managing sales
Advantages for Domain Buyers
We have the connections to find and acquire great domains
Dashboard for submitting and tracking bids and offers
Free Escrow and FastTrack Transfers
Above.com Registrar
Saves Time & Money Because It's Built Specifically For Domainers
Renewal ROI Tool

Faster and Easier Renewal Decisions
For registrar clients who have domains on our AutoPilot platform, revenue stats are automatically imported and used to calculate each domain's Return on Investment (ROI). Sort. Select. Renew.
Spreadsheet Headaches

Save Time and Hassle
Got domains at multiple registrars? Consolidate on Above.com's Registrar and avoid the hassle of updating spreadsheets with expiry and revenue data each time you buy, sell or drop domains.
Free Portfolio
Management Tools

Take Action On Groups of Domains
Easily take action on grouped domains. List of actions include "Renew", "Set DNS", "Get EPP Code", "Approve Transfer" "Lock/Unlock", "Enable/Disable Privacy", "Set Zone File Records", and more.
Additional Ways
To Save Money

We Know What's Important for Domainers
More reasons to use Above's Registrar:
  • Discounted bulk rates
  • Free WHOIS privacy
  • Cash advances for bulk transfers
Free Whois Privacy  |  Bulk Discounts  |  Bulk Transfer Financing
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Domain Marketplace
The Fastest Way To Get Your Domains Priced and Posted For Sale
Buy Now Pricing Tool

Apply Your Own Multipliers
Stats can be pulled from AutoPilot to generate Buy Now prices. Simply enter multipliers to be applied to selected groups of domains and instantly see the results. Revenue Method verus Traffic Method versus Default Method.
Get Buy Now Domains
Quickly Posted

No More Juggling Spreadsheets
After generating your Buy Now prices, download the results and then quickly and easily upload onto your preferred aftermarket platforms. Plus, with the click of a button, you can instantly get these domains posted for sale on Above.com's Marketplace.
Sell More
Using Verified Stats

Quickly Builds Trust With Buyers
For domains on AutoPilot, you can instantly build trust with prospective buyers by offering them a link to view stats from the last 12 months for any given domain.
Low 10% Commission
Plus Free Escrow

Registrar Clients Get FastTrack Transfers
You'll walk away with more cash in your pocket when selling on our Marketplace. Plus, for domains using Above.com's Registrar, our FastTrack Transfer allows you to offer an extra incentive to buyers.