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"In a time where parking revenue decreased immensely, I was facing a revenue decrease of 94% on ALL parking accounts throughout industry. Thanks to the above.com system, it's minimized my work and increased my revenues, despite these tough times. I rely on my parking revenue, but don't have the time to spend checking over 1000 domains and where each domains revenue is maximized, which is why above.com is so valuable to me. They have saved me hours of work and have even proven that my manual domain management, through parking, is far inferior to above.com's automatic system!! Above also provides a simple way for me to view a 'snapshot' of all domains in parking systems, without having to log into 6-7 parking companies everyday."
Soroosch Aidun

"Above is imho the best invention in domains since 2004. Every large portfolio I know is using them already. Increased my revenue more than 10%, and I had my domains tested and kept whichever parking it made most, I can imagine someone who was using only one parking company might see increase 25-30%."