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Enter domain with auth code to transfer, separate by comma(,):


How to transfer my domains to from another registrar

  1. Make sure that the domain(s) to be transferred are UNLOCKED at the losing registrar.
  2. Get the EPP (Authcode) from the losing registrar for each domain to be transferred.
  3. Enter your Domain followed by the Authcode in the text field, e.g.:,authpass123.
  4. For *.uk names that do not require an Authcode just list domains names, e.g.:
  5. Select the button labeled 'Transfer'.

This will then send an authentication email to the email on the Domain Whois with a link to verify the transfer.

Providing the correct information was entered, the domain will take up to 5 working days to transfer.

Follow the status of your transfer by viewing TRANSFER REPORTS under the Registrar Report tab at the top of this page.