Monetization AutoPilot Features and Benefits

Simplify Life

Chasing after higher RPMs requires an endless analysis of stats and a never-ending cycle of switching between parking services.

Let AutoPilot simplify your life. By making parking services compete in real time for your traffic, AutoPilot is able to find the highest paying channel for each and every domain visitor, and then redirect your traffic accordingly. Not only is this a free service, but you don't need to lift a finger after completing the simple set up process.

You might be surprised at how your traffic gets redistributed after AutoPilot gets to work finding the highest payouts.

Spend your valuable time elsewhere. It's the last time you will ever need to change name servers.

Amplify Revenues

AutoPilot's Maximizer feature delivers a healthy revenue increase for qualified traffic by enabling premium advertisers to bid against parking services.

To amplify the revenue lift even further, we ensure maximum demand and bidding for your traffic from advertisers by manually assigning categories and keywords to qualifying domains. As a result, advertisers love our Maximizer traffic and are constantly asking for more..

Make Fast Insightful Decisions

AutoPilot's free stats consolidator conveniently pulls historical and daily stats from all your parking accounts into a single dashboard.

By providing you with an ability to instantly compare and analyze the performance of your parking services and your domains, our AutoPilot dashboard helps you make faster, more insightful monetization decisions.

When using our DNS, the AutoPilot dashboard also helps you get past the inconsistent way that parking services report uniques and geo traffic. We show you the real numbers for each parking service. And to help you compare apples to apples, we provide a Normalized RPM that uses our count for uniques instead of the numbers reported by the parking services, which are generated using different guidelines.

Simplify Life. Maximize Payouts. Look Smart.

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Some of the AutoPilot features include:

A daily revenue graph to track AutoOptimizer performance. Using multiple parking companies will increase your revenues.

Compare and monitor performance across multiple parking companies.

Identify and visualize long term trends.

Keep track of hourly traffic with near real time statistics.

Powerful reporting via a single interface. Merge
reports, compare parking services and many more reporting features...