Monetization AutoPilot Quick-Start Guide

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Step 1. Add Your Domains to Monetization AutoPilot

The first step is to add your domains to your new account.
You can do this by clicking Add from the main menu after you login.
If you have a larger list, use the import from file option or just email us the list and your account username and we can do this for you.

Initially, add your domains to the "DEFAULT" folder. You can re-organize your portfolio later if you need to.
IMPORTANT: Do not change your DNS as yet.

Step 2. Add Your Accounts to Monetization AutoPilot

The next step is to add all the Parking accounts you wish to manage via the account manager.
Click the Accounts link from the top menu.

Note: If you are using any parking services that we currently do not support, let us know. We can usually add a new service within a few days.

Step 3. Add Your Domains to All Parking Services

This is the most important step! Ensure that EVERY single domain added to Monetization AutoPilot has also been added to ALL of your parking accounts. We recommend you Login to every parking account and re-add all your domains just to make sure that every single domain is in every account.

This is important because once we start testing different parking companies, if a domain has not been added to a service being tested, no revenues will be paid by that service for the domain's traffic.

Step 4. Contact Us

At this point, email us so that we can double check everything for you.

Step 5. Change Your Domains' DNS Settings

You can now change the DNS on your domains to:

Primary: NS1.ABOVE.COM
Secondary: NS2.ABOVE.COM

And You're Done!

When done, you will be able to move domains between different parking companies and test new services at the click of button. You will also have access to the Auto Optimize feature, which will automatically identify the best performing parking service for each domain and more!

If you need help, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about Monetization AutoPilot. We can also walk you through the features and make sure that your account is setup for optimal results.

Please contact your account manager directly or fill out our customer contact form.
Alternatively, you can chat live with our customer support staff between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday Australian EST (GMT +10).