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Our AutoPilot technology saves you tons of time and effort.

  • No more switching back and forth between parking services trying to find better RPMs.
  • No more endless analysis of stats trying to figure out if changing parking companies has helped.

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AutoPilot helps you operate at a level above parking companies by making them compete in real-time for your traffic. If one of them tweaks their technology or rev share, AutoPilot will spot it and adjust traffic in or out as needed on a domain by domain basis.

But AutoPilot doesn't restrict the competition to just parking companies. Its Maximizer feature enables premium direct advertisers to bid against parking companies for the same traffic.

  • By analyzing and awarding each and every visitor to the highest paying monetization channel, AutoPilot gets you the best possible RPMs.

Spend your valuable time elsewhere. Let AutoPilot do all the work on its own. Or you can adjust a few simple settings to customize the way it operates.

Either way, it's the last time you will ever need to change name servers.

Not ready to change name servers to take full advantage of our AutoPilot Monetization Channel Optimizer?

No problem.

You can still take advantage of AutoPilot's free stats consolidation technology.

After a simple set-up process, we'll retrieve, safely store and display historical and daily stats from all your parking accounts. Run reports on your dashboard, or download your stats to analyze.

It's a convenient way to compare parking company performance and make informed traffic monetization decisions.

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