Domain Investor Platform Parking Manager Features and Benefits

There will always be domains in your portfolio that could perform better if moved to a different parking service. Identifying these domains is complicated, time consuming and even the process of moving domains itself can be painful. This is where comes in. Parking Manager automatically identifies the best performing service for each and every domain in your portfolio to maximize your parking revenues. It is that simple.

Monitoring Parking Manager monitors the performance of every domain in your portfolio. If at any point in time the performance of an individual domain drops (for a set period of time), the domain is automatically moved to the next best performing service.


Parking companies have different criteria for defining a unique visitor and report statistics in various ways. Some companies simply ignore traffic from parts of the world as if it did not exist, others try to utilize it. This is the reason why it has been so difficult to compare the performance of different parking services.

When using our DNS, we normalize all statistics so for the first time you have true transparency. You no longer need to rely on third party reports and our standardized RPM values enable you to make accurate performance comparisons.

Ease of Management simplifies domain management. You can organize your domains within folders, generate a range of reports and move traffic around with just a few clicks. You have full control over where you want your traffic to go, or simply leave it up to the auto optimizer to decide.

Powerful Reporting

Using multiple parking companies can be difficult. It increases the number of accounts that you need to manage and there are more reports to deal with. Parking Manager simplifies the process by downloading and merging all reports for you and the data is made available via a single interface.

If you think it was too hard to manage parking across multiple parking companies, with ABOVE.COM you no longer have that excuse. See the reporting page for more details information on available report options.

The Bottom Line

With Parking Manager, you can:

  • Take advantage of multiple parking companies and utilize their individual strengths.
  • Increase your parking revenues.
  • Gain a level of control you have never experienced before.
  • Trial new parking services without risking your current revenues.
  • Gain unprecedented insight through normalized traffic statistics.

And best of all: There are no hidden costs, you maintain a direct relationship with each parking company and keep 100% of your parking revenues.

Simply, a must tool for every domain portfolio holder, large and small.

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Some of the ABOVE.COM features include:

A daily revenue graph to track AutoOptimizer performance. Using multiple parking companies will increase your revenues.

Compare and monitor performance across multiple parking companies.

Identify and visualize long term trends.

Keep track of hourly traffic with near real time statistics.

Powerful reporting via a single interface. Merge
reports, compare parking services and many more reporting features...