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Domain Parking Services Domain Parking Manager assists domainers who park their domains with multiple parking services. There are many Parking services and the more you try the harder it is. Domain Round Robin or Domain Traffic Splitting is widely used by most domainers, however there has not been a simple automated solution that helps do this effectively, until Premium Partners

RookMedia RookMedia provides evolutionary technology which will maximise your revenue. To break free from the shackles of your existing domain monetization provider, contact us now! Supported Parking Services


ParkingCrew is a private domain monetization program that takes on the entire risk of monetizing your portfolio by giving you a revenue guarantee on your previous earnings.


DomainApps's features include pay outs twice a month, referral rewards, hundreds of category-based templates, instant approval for your domain name(s) and much more!

Voodoo is a domain parking platform that was built from the ground up to allow you to make the most money on your domains. We help you manage your domain portfolio and give you all of the tools necessary to make the best decisions for your domains.

Other Parking Services:

  • Bodis
  • DDC
  • DomainAdvertising
  • DomainSponsor
  • Dotzup
  • Fabulous
  • Hotkeys
  • InternetTraffic
  • NameDrive
  • Overdrive
  • SEDO
  • Skenzo
  • SmartName
  • TheParkingPlace
  • TrafficZ