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Adding domains to auction has been made more efficient by automatically adding any details set in the Show Traffic Stats, Show Revenue Stats, Adult Based Domains, Min Offer, Reserve and BIN columns.

To sell a domain or domains, please:

  1. Enter your domains one per line.
    You can also place a checkmark beside the domain(s) you wish to sell on the For Sale tab or click the .
    You will then need to click on the Bulk Update button above the Category column and select Start Auction. Click Submit to start the listing process.
  2. If you wish to sell the domains in a portfolio, place a checkmark in the Sell as Portfolio option. If you are using a Broker, select the option and ensure that your Brokers details are selected or you can add a new Broker.
  3. Click Continue to proceed. To sell domains that are not at the Above.com Registrar, you will need to agree to the excerpt from the Above.com Registrar Terms & Conditions.
  4. The Starting Price, Reserve Price, Buy Now Price will be populated automatically if the information is available. Show Traffic Stats, Show Revenue Stats and Adult options will also be selected based on your preferences.
    Please enter or alter the details and set the length of the auction from the Listing Type menu. Selecting the checkbox in the Featured Auction column denoted by the star
    will highlight the domain and place it above non-featured auctions. It will also feature in our weekly Above.com Marketplace Report newsletter.
  5. Once you have entered the information and selected the options you would like, click on the Continue button.
  6. The details for the domain auction as well as any fees will be displayed. If you need to change the pricing or other details, you can click the Back button and edit them. To proceed you must agree to the Marketplace Terms & Conditions and then click Submit.

After you account has been debited the fees, the domain(s) will be added to the Marketplace. To view the domains you have at auction please go to My Auctions.

To view more information on what the columns mean, please view the Column Descriptions manual page.

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