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There will always be domains in your portfolio that could perform better if moved to a different parking service. Identifying these domains is complicated, time consuming and even the process of moving domains itself can be painful. This is where Above.com comes in.

Monetization AutoPilot automatically identifies the best performing service for each and every domain in your portfolio to maximize your parking revenues. It is that simple.

With Monetization AutoPilot, you can:

  • Take advantage of multiple parking companies and utilize their individual strengths.
  • Increase your parking revenues.
  • Gain a level of control you have never experienced before.
  • Trial new parking services without risking your current revenues.
  • Gain unprecedented insight through normalized traffic statistics.
  • View domain performance statistics, including breakdowns for each parking service.
  • Generate reports, including statistics and revenue for specific time periods or a group of domains.

And best of all: There are no hidden costs, you maintain a direct relationship with each parking company and keep 100% of your parking revenues.

Note: Some tools and features have been moved from Monetization AutoPilot to the new Portfolio Manager.

AutoPilot - How It Works