Domain Optimization

Domain Parking Optimization is the process of matching the best and most relevant PPC ads on your Parked Domains to the intent of the visitors going to that domain. Basically, if your domain is about “used cars”, then you should be displaying PPC ads about “used cars” and not some generic ads about Travel, Software, Music…  etc…

The intention is to make sure that the visitor is present with the closest matched options for what they are looking for. By doing so, they are more than likely to click on one of the ads, which results in generating domain parking revenues.

In theory this sounds as it should be very simple.. however that are
many hurdles, restrictions and limitations to what you can do with a
parked Domain and what a parked domain can display. Which makes the
process of Domain Optimization a fine art.

Every Domain Parking company,
has their own Optimization and Matching formulas/techniques, and as a
result each Parking Service optimizes domains in different ways which
gives different results for the domain owner